Can we add an extra 20-50 vehicle sales to your dealership for you this month?

It doesn't have to be this hard to fill your showroom. The right solutions paired with a solid process can help you dramatically increase your sales. Check out our solutions below to help get your phone ringing, more leads online and more sales to your showroom.

All of our solutions are built to help dealers combat the chaos.

100% Trackable Solutions

Everything we do is 100% trackable. Know that when you spend money on marketing it is actually producing something.

Turnkey Marketing Solutions

Get up and running with a fast turnaround time with marketing that is already proven to work. Tap into years of experience.

ROI & Lead Generation Focused

We want you to "feel" our results. That is why we produce marketing that you can actually see and know it's working to help you sell units.

Appointments on Demand.

Get Appointments for your sales team all day.

Most marketing programs offer traffic or leads. The problem is they are incomplete. You don't need more leads, you need people in your showroom to desk a deal with. With our Appointments On Demand program we get you closer to sale by generated high quality appointments with people about to buy and trade cars in the next month. With close rates as high as they are for these types of appointments, this program can dramatically help you sell more vehicles.

Instant Digital

Generate a ridiculous amount of traffic from actual buyers in your market to your website.

Tired of digital solutions that the agency tells you is working... "Look at all of your clicks and page views!" They say. But they can't attribute it to any sales whatsoever? Our upstream program helps you go after REAL shoppers with intent. It's also 100% trackable. It will bring a horde of buyers to shop with you. We have a 95% repeat rate with this program among dealers, if that tells you how effective it is.

Direct Mail Events With A Twist.

Traditional marketing is better than ever.

Many are saying direct mail is dead. That couldn't be the farthest thing from the truth. It's working better than ever before, but you must do it correctly. At RAW Corporation Limited, we combine innovative direct mail with a twist and have a multitouch sequence that involves outbound calls, emails, digital ads and personalised websites. You'll enjoy getting leads, more traffic online, in person visits to your showroom, calls and most importantly sales.

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