Ever found yourself wondering why your dealership struggles to achieve numbers and goals?

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Hi, we are RAW Corporation Limited and we’ve been dealership marketing consultants for the last 15 years.

Our area of expertise is helping automotive dealerships and leasing companies get customers coming to them, at will, and on demand. We typically work with dealers who need more customers, need more dependability in hitting their numbers, and need more control over the process. We provide turn key processes to help them to automate their customer acquisition.

It’s simple really… dealerships just need something that works and can be duplicated every month so they don’t have to worry about hitting numbers and grow year after year.

Most GMs tell me they need opportunity. They need more customers walking through their doors. They need more leads online. They need their phone ringing with interested buyers. If they just had more OPPORTUNITY… they could make more sales.

That’s exactly what we bring to the table.

We have multiple solutions to keep their current customers coming and bring in some new customers at the same time… so we can see positive growth and your dealership has the opportunity it needs to thrive.

Imagine waking up everyday knowing you have set appointments for your sales team to work. The phone is ringing with opportunity and customers are flowing in a consistent and repeatable basis.

Here is what I’d like to do: Let’s connect and chat about your dealership. We will talk about where you are, what your goals are and what you are currently doing. We like to look at what you’ve got and see the process before we actually make any recommendation.

If I can make some suggestions, I’ll be glad to share my marketing knowledge with you. This will also give us a baseline to see if we can help you. We aren’t right for every dealer. And we don’t take on every prospect that we meet, even if they want to work with us. We like working with dealerships we know we can get great results for and they will follow our system.

The ones that do have a lot of success.

If I think we might be a good fit, I’ll show you what we do and how we do it. If you like what you hear, I’ll make you an offer to work with us and you can decide for yourself if it’s right for you. Worst-case scenario, we’ll part as friends. Best case, we’ll help each other make some solid profits and grow together.

Are you interested? Let’s schedule a short chat to see if it’s right for you. Click the button below to set up a scheduled call or call 07360497547.

100% Trackable Solutions

Everything we do is 100% trackable. Know that when you spend money on marketing it is actually producing something.

Turnkey Marketing Solutions

Get up and running with a fast turnaround time with marketing that is already proven to work. Tap into years of experience.

ROI & Lead Generation Focused

We want you to "feel" our results. That is why we produce marketing that you can actually see and know it's working to help you sell cars.

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